The “Perm” Gets an Update

March 25 2019

Chic Holiday Manicure Ideas

Trends tend to come and go with the seasons, but one thing is for certain: they always come back around! Here lately one of the trends from the past that has been getting some major attention is the perm. Now, if images of giant frazzled corkscrew curls as seen on Whitney, Cher and the rest of the 1980s is what comes to mind, fear not! The new perm promises a much more laid-back approach.

One of our favorite features of the updated form is the way we can customize it to your desired look. We do this by choosing rod size and placement  to make it uniquely yours. This means your perm will end up being totally authentic to you, whereas in the 80s the process was the same across the board.

The new perm process is also much gentler than the old version, making this treatment an option even for color treated hair these days! The resulting curls can last anywhere from three to six months, and of course your new found texture will require a new maintenance routine. For example, you’ll want to invest in a good hydrating conditioner to help protect against further damage, and a good curl cream will help you achieve your new easy “wash and go” style.

Still need convincing to add some “permanent” texture to your style? How about cutting down on your prep time? Perms lend themselves nicely to the wash and go convenience most of us can only dream about while still delivering major style and texture for a quick and easy polished look.

Are you ready to try an updated perm? If so, the experts at Ama Ti Salon and Spa, are here to help you achieve the hair of your dreams. Book an appointment for either location online, or download our free mobile app from iTunes, or Google Play.