The Benefits of Body Treatments

July 30 2019

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Did you know that all spa services have physical and emotional benefits to them? The services we offer at Ama Ti Salon and Spa provide benefits such as stress relief, mental relaxation, detoxification, and relief from muscle aches and pains. So, if you’re in need of a mental vacation, come on in and allow us to help you relax and unwind while we indulge you with one of our body treatments. Today, we’ll talk about just one of our popular treatments, and the benefits you can expect from it.

The Peppermint Sea Twist is an aromatic, detoxifying treatment that combines peppermint oil with fresh marine seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate, firm and purify your skin. Once you are covered in the mummy-like wrap, your circulation will improve as the treatment begins to detoxify your body, thus ridding it of unwanted toxins while also nourishing your skin. Don’t be alarmed when your body starts to feel a mixture of sensations, from heat to a tingling sensation from the peppermint, as this is normal with any body wrap. After completing this treatment you will emerge with a cool, relaxed, and invigorating feeling. You may also feel a few pounds lighter from the removal of all the toxins. This treatment is available in full body one hour treatments or targeted 30 minute treatments, targeting areas such as legs or arms. 

Benefits of a Peppermint Sea Twist:

  • Soothes sore muscles
  • Cleanses unhealthy toxins
  • Stimulates circulation, making it an ideal treatment for cellulite reduction
  • Rejuvenates from the outside in

The Peppermint Sea Twist is just one item on our Body Treatment menu. Come see us here at Ama Ti Salon and Spa, and we’ll help you relax, unwind, and take care of yourself this summer. Book an appointment online, or download our free mobile app from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.