Pedicures: 101

April 15 2019

Chic Holiday Manicure Ideas

Taking good care of your feet should always be a priority. After all, they carry you through your daily activities for a lifetime! One of the best ways to take care of your feet is with a pedicure. A pedicure is a form of treatment for your feet that involves cutting and clipping your toenails, exfoliating dead skin cells, moisturizing your skin, and massaging your feet to improve the circulation in your lower body. There are different types of pedicures you can choose from, and understanding each type will help you determine which is more fitting for you. Today, we’ll talk about a few of the types of pedicures we offer here at Ama Ti Salon and Spa.

Classic. This is the most common type of pedicure. This treatment starts with a warm foot soak and a foot scrub followed by clipping your nails, shaping or filing the edges, pushing the cuticles, massaging the feet and legs, moisturizing, and applying a nail polish if you wish. This type of pedicure is suitable for people who prefer a simple treatment.

French. This pedicure is a classic trend that’s been around a long time. It follows the same procedure as a regular pedicure, but what makes it different is the style of application of nail polish. A clear or nude base coat is first applied on your nails then followed by an application of a solid white colored nail polish on the tips. It makes your feet look clean, chic, polished, sophisticated, and stylish.

Paraffin. If you have dry and cracked feet, a paraffi n pedicure will help. With this treatment, your feet are dipped in paraffin wax to help soften and moisturize your skin. Paraffin is made of an alkaline wax substance that is infused with hydrating properties to help open up the pores of your skin and nourish it. This will help restore soft, youthful looking feet.

Sport. This type of pedicure caters to the sporty and athletic folks. If you regularly exercise, your feet and legs are under more pressure than average and could use some TLC. This treatment begins the same way as a regular pedicure, but your pedicurist will use special foot soak and lotion to help soften your feet followed by a reflexology massage to ease your strained muscles.

Are you ready to take good care of your feet? We offer all of these treatment options and more! Make an appointment today at Ama Ti Salon and Spa. Our professional technicians will help you choose the best treatment for your needs. Book an appointment for either location online, or download our free mobile app from iTunes, or Google Play.