Get a Hot New Makeup Look This Year

January 14 2019

Chic Holiday Manicure Ideas

The New Year has arrived, and with it comes the perfect time to try out a hot new look. Here at our Ama Ti Salon and Spa Norristown location, we offer a full menu of makeup services to suit your needs. From a full face application to a group instructional class with wine, we are here to help you find your new go-to routine. Here, we’ll highlight just a few of the latest makeup trends to start off the new year.

Glitter. Last season was ablaze with illuminators and pearly powders but this season is going to be all about the glitter. Feel free to apply it generously on your lips, your eyelids or your cheeks, but to ensure proper balance, keep it to a single area. When a more subtle look is called for, opt for natural skin tones and understated accents. 

French elegance. This season features the comeback of an absolute classic: vibrant red lips, the perfect incarnation of French elegance. For a clean, sharp look, take the time to outline the lips with a well-sharpened lip-liner then spread the lipstick with a brush starting from the center, moving outwards. If you’re going for that slightly imperfect look, apply your lipstick straight from the tube then use a brush to correct any glaring flaws.

Illuminated eyes. This season, it’s time to give our eyes a little wake-up call. The solution? A touch of white eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye. Choose from matte or iridescent, either way, all eyes will be on yours!

Sorbet lips. Another must-have look this season: shimmering lips with that "just bitten" effect. This is a great way to keep your lips looking summer fresh, even in the dead of winter. Opt for softer, subtler colours that tend towards pastels, like peach or rose, and stick with glossy finishes that mimic the lustrous effect of vinyl.

Are you ready to try out a brand new makeup look? If so, we’d love to show you how!  The professionals at Ama Ti Salon and Spa in Norristown are here help you achieve the look of your dreams. Book an appointment online, or download our free mobile app from iTunes, or Google Play.